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Shenzhen jinxiangyuan Technology Co.,Ltd an intelligent testing instrument industry as the core, is a set of scientific research, the production, the calibration, sales and service as one of the integrated high-tech enterprises, the main products are prestressed cable tension tester, curtain wall cable tension tester, cable tension force tester, wire rope tension tester, elastic sling tension tester, the anchor tension tester, sealing performance detector etc., the company has always been committed to research and development of various testing instrument.
      The company developed the test-tension cables applied to the glass curtain wall construction industry, power industry, cable transport sector, such as bridges. Equipment is simple, stable performance, high accuracy, this product has been authorized patents, and in full compliance with national and international standards, is the only one producing prestressed cables tension tester manufacturers. This product has been in Guangzhou Exhibition, the new Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen citizens center, Shenzhen Futian Station, Beijing Institute of Architecture, the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Harbin, Changsha Swimming and Diving Center, the Beijing Olympic Games projects in the consultative (Wuhan) Design and Research Institute, and other tunnel The project prestressed cable used in the construction of the structure, the results were very good.

Development of the serialization of smart Detector and sealing performance integrated detection system has made the provincial and ministerial level "15" key scientific and technological achievements, reached the international advanced level. The product superior performance, practical and reliable, rapid detection of a variety of different volumes under pressure from the sealing device performance, apply to a gas, Angle Valve, cylinders, the car condenser, fuel tank, air-conditioning and refrigerator evaporator, the Zitong Guan, Medical devices, such as sealing detection, has been successfully applied to domestic and foreign enterprises in 1000, occupies the largest domestic market share.
      A strong technical force is based on sophisticated testing equipment and production equipment as the basis, mixed the most advanced technology at home and abroad, specialized research and development performance, reasonable structure and reliable quality, aesthetic appearance, ease of use of test equipment, and According to the different needs of customers, tailored to customers. And more domestic companies by well-known universities, research centres and related industries well-known experts and scholars have established good relations of cooperation. The company make full use of its own personnel and technological advantages, already has six state-level key new products, four kinds of certified software products, 22 national patents and eight international advanced level in the high-tech achievements at the same time, and the Shenzhen Qinghua Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences in close cooperation and common development and joint cooperation to enable the production of research and development of the smart tester reached the international advanced level, and to provide business advice and technical support to enable customers to receive high quality services.
     Integrity, innovation, efficiency, the Endeavour, as the company is willing to work with you to create a brilliant future, your success will be our greatest pride!
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